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Video Clips

  • The High School Project, Grand Theatre - Click to view video

    The High School Project
    Grand Theatre - 2006

  • Les Feux Follet  - Click to view video

    Les Feux Follet
    Charlottetown Festival - 2005 (No audio)

  • Pirates of Penzance - Click to view video

    Pirates Of Penzance
    The Stratford Festival of Canada - 1987

  • Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon





Photos - Click for a larger view


Susan Cuthbert as Anne, Jim White as Gilbert, in Anne Of Green Gables, The Charlottetown Festival
Jim White as Cosmo Brown in Singin' In The Rain, Limelight Dinner Theatre
Jim White as Doody in Grease - MTC and Citadel - also shown - Jay Braseau, Max Reimer, Kimble Hall, Terry Hartford
Backstage HMS Pinafore with Marcia Tratt, Avon Theatre - Stratford, Ontario
Jim White as Nicely Nicely, Guys and Dolls, The Stratford Festival of Canada
Roxie... unforgettable
Snoopy in Charlie Brown, Magnus Theatre



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